Monday, August 17, 2009

You know what, Pam ..

I planned on just hanging out at home on Friday night to paint and craft and drink some wine but then my neighbors/friends invited me to go out with them. We walked all way down from 21st to 9th and back. Also, the way back is up hill most of the way. I was pretty well off by the time we walked home so I don't remember much. Just us walking and me playing MGMT on my iPhone so we had some sort of soundtrack. My legs are still killing me today. I am so out of shape.

Then Saturday morning, well noon time, I went to my Dad's in Everett and helped him pull out blackberry bushes. It was way easier then what I have previously experienced at an old apartmemt I managed because they had already been sprayed with weed killer so they were dead. Easy peasy. We ate and looked at art books and watched golf. Then had a really good talk. Later that night my Dad called me to tell me to stay strong. Good advice though I haven't been very good at being internelly strong as of late.

Then Saturday evening the afformentioned neighbors/friends had a barbecue/joint birthday. Mike and John. Really great guys. I am really happy to be getting to know them. They have also introduced me to some of their friends that are equally great. I laughed so hard that my sides hurt.

I am really looking forward to building on these relationships.


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