Monday, August 31, 2009

Wake me up when September begins ..

So much is going on this month.

Labor Day is this coming weekend, that means an extra day off! My nieces and my daughter are coming to spend the weekend! Which is perfect because all of my friends will be at Bumbershoot so I will have something to occupy me. I am broke but I have plenty of crafty things for us to do , plus lots of parks to walk to. Too bad the libraries are all closed.

I will be seeing We Were Promised Jetpacks and Frightened Rabbit at Neumos on September 16th and then heading home to Billings, MT, the next day. Which is my niece, Madison's, 3rd birthday. My good friend, Megan, and her husband's wedding reception is on the 19th of September. They were married in April, private and small, and are now throwing a party for their friends and family. I can't wait to meet her daughter, June! Then spending the rest of the time squeezing in as many visits with people as possible and the last two days will be spent with my Mom and niece. I haven't been home for over a year. It will be nice to see everyone and, of course, take a few trips to Taco Johns for potato oles! :)

My Autumn online craft class starts on September 15th with the girls at Red Velvet Art!
Martha and I will be attending Miike Snow at Neumos!
At some point, I plan to record some vocals with the boys next door. I get to write my own lyrics. I am a little nervous. The only vocals I have ever recorded were for Jared and I just sang along to his vocals that were already recorded. It should be interesting .. and therapeutic.

I should be starting school by the end of September. I have some things to go over with my sister this weekend to determine where I can get the most bang for my governmentally funded buck. I think I may hold off on being a Phoenix for now.

All of the photos featured in this blog were taken at Volunteer Park on Saturday. I wish I had more than my iPhone with me, I had no idea there was a dahlia garden there. I plan to return sometime this week. Probably when the girls are here.

I am not normally a Summer person but this Summer has changed my life. I am a little sad that it went by so fast. But this can only mean that Autumn, my favorite of all seasons, can only be that much better.

I can't say it enough .. I am so fortunate and grateful for everything I have. Job, friends, family, animals, art, photography, MUSIC! I was meant to meet these people. Which means I was meant to be heart broken. It will only take time for it to stop hurting whenever I smile.


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