Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend .. Yay!

It is almost here .. I have just over two hours of work then I get to browse the toy section for a gift for my niece, Lily's, FIRST birthday! Hopefully the weather will hold out long enough to enjoy some Manchester State Park time.

Meanwhile, here are some etsy faves I found today:

This is from the shop of sophistikate, found here

I love the vintage feel of it and the decoupage is adorable. I probably wouldn't use it as a purse, too bulky, maybe a jewelry case.

I heart this painting by Danna Ray (pronounced like banana). Her etsy store is here

I really enjoy her paintings, the flow and the shading. Very nice.

This is one of many great pieces from Red Boots Design, here:

I am really getting into screen printing and silkscreening. I look at stuff like this and am like, "Why didnt I make that?!"

Well, weekend here we come!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Inspiration ..

This photo of Drew Barrymore from the May 2009 issue of Elle magazine is so inspiring. This is how I want to live life. Carefree, happy, beautiful, and fluently. When I turned to this page all I could do is gaze at it. I have always been drawn to Drew (look at me referring to her as if she were a good friend) just from her spirit and creativeness. She is truly beautiful. 

I can honestly say I have walked into a salon with a photo of Drew wanting my hair to be like hers. That was just over eight years ago. 

Anyway, the whole point is the photo. The idea for the shoot and how perfect of a subject they had. It's fantastic. 


Have you seen the film 'My Date With Drew'? It's cute. Check it out. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gettin' mah shit together ..

This weekend .. 

1. Dentist .. eww
2. Venture with the puppa to the Capitol Hill Garage Sale
3. Paint the kitchen and possibly the bathroom. 

4. Do some more organizing. (I am still unpacking)
5. Make something pretty.

6. Get sewing machine out .. I can only learn by doing.
7. Update blog more and post pretty/amusing/intelligent/inspiring things. 
8. Get Father's Day things together.
9. Work out Saturday AND Sunday, not including walking the dog. 
10. Take camera on said walk(s). 

Muscle relaxers are kicking in. Must sleep now.