Thursday, August 06, 2009

Full dance card ..

Busy, busy, week ..

Yesterday I went to the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum with my Dad. It has been a long time since I was in a musuem, too long. I love the openess of art museums. There were some other works that I really enjoyed, I tried to remember the names of some of the artists but now I can't recall. I got lost in some of the paintings. I felt like I could stay there for hours but we were on a time crunch due to parking. Maybe I will go back by myself with my iPod and take my time.

Tonight, Paul and I are going to the Jim Henson exhibit at EMP. I am really excited about this, I wanted to take Hailey to it but it is free tonight and he asked me so I enthusiastically said YES. I can always take her to it later.

So then I took Friday off, just because. It will allow me to not worry about the time tonight with Paul and Steve Serfazo and clan are in town from Billings for a wedding so I hope to spend some time with them tomorrow. It is supposed to be cloudy and rainy! Perfect Northwest weather! i love it.

I sort of want to attend the KEXP BBQ on Saturday but we'll see.

Then on Saturday night, Ellen and I are going to Econo Prom for Tracy's birthday. Dressing up in tacky dresses and going to a dance where you are actually allowed to drink! Sweet! I'm excited for a girls night. Watch for photos:

Back to work.


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