Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New beginnings ..

I enrolled in school today.


And I am a little freaked out only because I know myself too well. I need to commit to this. I have to commit to this. But I am proud of myself just for making the call, going to the campus, meeting with an advisor, and making the commitment.

I am going for a BA in Web Design and Development.

Really, the math is all I am worried about. I will have to choose two of three for my pre-requisite: calculus, statistics, or discrete mathematics. And I can barely spell either of them let alone figure them out.

For about the first year I will be taking pre-reqs, then the fun stuff. There is a lot more entailed then I expected but I have to do it. A degree is so much more then a certificate no matter what I decide to do. I wish I could have realized that when I was 22.

No regrets! Just looking forward to the future and being happy that I started when I did.

Wish me luck..


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