Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost Famous ..

Check out local Seattle music photographer, Chona Kasinger, at her opening at Cupcake Royale in West Seattle .. Opening Party on Oct 8th!

You can view her photosteam here.

Seriously, this chick has been everywhere .. Support local artists!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heartilation ..

I wanna break apart my heart
Glue the pieces to my car
Crash it into a wall
I don't want to feel at all
I want to break apart my heart

Douse it in gasoline
So the fire burns clean
Flick a cigarette like that movie Con Air
Doused in gasoline

And if you think you are better than me
You're right
There's no one to love
There's no one to trust
In my life

I want to pick up the pieces
And plant them in the ground
When a tree grows there
I want to chop that tree down

Build it into a boat
And float it in a lake
And with dynamite
I will explode that thing
That makes me make mistakes

And if you think you are better than me
You're right
There's no one to love
There's no one to trust
In my life

Sometimes I get lonesome
I can't breathe
Sometimes I get so scared
That I can't speak
Sometimes I get so worried
I can't hear my heart beat
Anyway, anyway

I wanna tear out my heart
And give it away
To a person more deserving one day

And if all I see
Is the worst in everything
That's all I'm gonna get
That's all I'm gonna get
That's all I'm gonna get

And if you think you are better than me
You're right
There's no one to love
There's no one to trust
In my life
There's no one to love
There's no one to trust
In my life
There's no one to love
There's no one to trust
In my life

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busiest week this month ..

Had a great weekend! Brought my two groups of friends together for the Noddy show. All my new friends loved it! I was so relieved. The show was SO GOOD! Can't wait to hear more. Photos will be posted soon.

This week is filled with packing, knitting, uploading, cleaning, stressing, rocking, flying, hugging, smiling, eating, drinking, relaxing. Well, probably not the last one so much. Funning! haha .. new word!

The Scottish Invasion is at Neumos on Wednesday night (Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Twilight Sad .. SO EXCITED!) so I have to get everything ready to go to Montana tonight and tomorrow night. I planned on working 10 hours everyday for Mon, Tues, and Wed but I don't think I can do it. 9 hours each day should be plenty.

I know I won't be finishing, or getting even remotely close to finishing, my knitting. Some people will just have to get some stuff in the mail for Winter.

I am so psyched for Billings. For the first time in about four or five years I get to go and not feel bad about it. Not get shit for it. Not be chastised for it. Not argue about it. Actually, I don't feel bad about anything I do anymore. My life is better. SO MUCH better.

The day I come back is the first day of fall! My favorite season. I am excited for the leaves to start changing so I can photograph my new neighborhood. Here is a peek at what I shot last year:

My favorite time of year

And this year, no one will make fun of me for taking so many photos of trees ..


Friday, September 11, 2009

Noddy @ the Skylark Cafe tomorrow night!

The love-child of Man Plus .. Noddy! has a show tomorrow night at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle. Before you groan about going to West Seattle, it's literally RIGHT off the bridge.

Man Plus
This is my favorite photo of Jared and Ellen of Man Plus that I took at the Skylark in April of 2008.

If you come out, maybe I will buy you a drink .. MAYBE! :)

Hey Everybody! Here comes Noddy!
Watch out world! Here comes Noddy!

OH! And the show is FREE ..


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You people make my ass twitch ..

I had a great weekend with my nieces and Hailey! We watched Glee (again), Across the Universe (it was my second time in two days), Evan Almighty (cute), The Love Guru (not so cute, Mike Myers has lost it i think), Juno (twice, once with the commentary).

This is what they were like ..
Rachael and Cara text constantly. I guess I am not really one to talk.

Game Works
We went to Game works .. DANCE, DANCE REVOLUTION!

Pike Place Market
And Pike Place Market (briefly) .. That's my Dad and Hailey in the middle.

Hailey and Rachal @ Cupcake Royale
Then we went to Cupcake Royale .. Hailey was in awe of the guy with the one foot tall mohawk. We all simultaneously ate the bottoms of our cupcakes first.

Perler boomboxes
We made crafty things with perler beads ..

Then some Photo Booth fun ..
Photobooth fun ..
Photobooth fun ..
Photobooth fun ..

I made them listen to a lot of Neutral Milk Hotel and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. To the point where they were starting to know the words.

I missed Bumbershoot but that's ok .. It felt weird not hanging out with my friends. Martha and Paul were at Bumbershoot and Mike and John went to Portland. Maybe we all needed a break from eachother.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Surprises ..

This was in my livingroom when I arrived home last night:
This is what I came home to in my living room ..


The house I live in wasn't occupied for a long time before I moved in so I have found quite a few spiders. Inside and outside. Plus the weather is starting to slightly change so they are preparing to move inside.

Also, I have this pesky habit of not harming living things and I can't always bring myself to kill them so I let them outside. They probably just come right back in.


I am picking up the girls after work tonight to stay for the weekend! So excited!


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New guilty pleasure ..

I KNOW! Totally not like me ..

But seriously .. I wanted to check out this show when I first heard about it just to see how bad it was but for teen shows on the family channel, it really isn't that bad ... No really!

The names are mostly the same, above is a photo of the sisters, Bianca and Kat. It takes place in California rather than "Seattle" and they had to change the story line a bit to make it fit for tv but all in all .. it's decent. The pilot was a bit to be desired but aren't they all? There are some interesting twists and the acting isn't bad. Of course it is a bit over the top but it has to be a bit cheese ball for the tweens and teens.

The young actor that plays Patrick Verona, originally played by Heath Ledger, sadly does not have an accent. I half expected him to. He doesn't say anything until about his fourth or fifth scene but when he does .. Whoa. His voice pulls you in.

I also like the actress that plays Kat Stratford, the oldest sister. I like the wardrobe they have for her, I dont know if I could pull it off, I am too colorful. Below is what she has hanging on the rear view mirror in her old, beat up Volvo .. Love it!

I still haven't plugged in my TV since I moved, so I have been watching it on Hulu ..


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

So busy ..

So much to do .. school is supposed to fit in there somewhere but I am unsure what day I start at this point. Sometime towards the end.

So exciting!

Oh, I also have to fit in a butt load of knitting before my trip to Billings! I thought for awhile that I wasn't going so I stopped. Catch up time! I will post photos of what I come up with :)