Monday, May 07, 2012

Music Monday - Bad Veins

My discovery of this band is sort of a long story.

There was a Frightened Rabbit show at The Showbox at the Market in Seattle. This was October of 2010. I wasn't able to go because I was broke. But I was following some of my photographer friends on Twitter that were shooting the show. Before FR came on, they started raving about this two piece band, Bad Veins. It's sometimes surprising when an opening band is actually good.

Fast forward a day or two, I was checking out their photos of the show on Flickr and noticed that the band was from Cincinnati, OH, which is where my boyfriend (now fiance) lived. I asked him if he had heard of them and he said they were a great band and I should check them out.

On first listen, I was in love.

Fast forward to December of 2010 and I was in Cincinnati to spend New Year's with Christian, the boyfriend. For a few years, Bad Veins had played a show at Northside Tavern on New Year's but we were having a giant Festivus Party and couldn't leave the apartment with it filled with people. So I wasn't able to see them play.

Fast forward to later in 2011 after I had moved to Cincinnati to start my life with Christian, now fiance. I know there was at least one free show I had missed due to schedule conflicts.

On the day Bad Veins was to open for Interpol at Bogart's, I was sitting online and noticed Ben of Bad Veins posting about a ticket giveaway. He asked for reasons why he should give away tickets. I explained, basically, the story I just told. He ended up giving a pair of tickets to everyone that responded. I still think me story is the best. :)

I ran into Ben at the show and gave him a thank you hug. I mean, free Bad Veins AND Interpol. Very generous. That was the first time I saw them and it was fantastic but when I saw them on Fountain Square later that summer, it was much more intense for some reason. So good.

I also find it a treat that I get to see him at my place of employment on a regular basis. Him and is wife, Chris, are pretty much the dynamic duo with his music and her crafty endeavors. People that I am grateful to have as acquaintances in the Queen City.


Bad Veins just released a new album on April 24th titled 'The Mess We've Made'. I was lucky to get a copy on Record Store Day and it is phenomenal. I great progression in talent.

Here is the first single:

 'Dancing on TV'

Here is also a song from their previous album:

'Gold and Warm'


Friday, May 04, 2012

Stuck in a rut.

It's been a challenge to stay positive lately. Or feel motivated or inspired. This city has taken it's toll on me. Starting over has not been easy.

Things I need to do in order to clear my mind:
  • Organize my desk. 
  • Organize our bedroom.
  • Exercise at least every other day.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Remind myself what I am grateful for everyday. 
Things I am grateful for today:
  • Our partly cloudy skies and mild temperature.
  • Feeling healthier. 
  • Having a better understanding of and with my neighbors. 
  • Having the time to do what I want and need. 
And on that note, I need to take advantage of that time. 


Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Nights

During the time I worked a full time job and didn't have too many friends in Seattle yet, I would be alone most weekend nights.

My boyfriend at the time worked an overnight job so I was left in our apartment to entertain myself.

Often, on Friday Nights, I would watch the latest movie trailers.

Being without a television for the past four years or so, I have fallen a little behind on the coming attractions. I would like to get back into that habit.

Here are a couple of trailers I sampled this evening that I wanted to share.

The Descendants

The Iron Lady - With what looks like a supporting roll by Anthony Stewart Head otherwise known as Giles :)