Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

If you know me at all you know that I am obsessed with Pinterest. One of my favorite aspects of it is finding ideas for my wedding that is somewhere in the near to distant future.

My fiance, Christian, proposed in March while we were traveling across the country during my move from Seattle to Cincinnati. I knew we planned on getting married and I knew that someday he would be popping the question but the timing was a complete surprise. Next year, we plan to move to Minneapolis and he had planned it while we were passing through there, which happened to be my first time.

Anyway, my point is, we have no date set. We plan for him to finish his degree in Urban Planning and deciding when we will be moving. We don't want to be too overwhelmed with too many big life events at once.

But I am still having a blast planning all the little details while also sharing it with my niece, Rachael, who is getting married in March. AND one of my best friends, Mandi, who is getting married in June. I'll be playing a roll in each wedding, as well. For Rachael's, I'll be taking all of the photos and for Mandi's I'll be a bridesmaid! So excited.

Feel free to check out my wedding pinboard here: To Have And To Hold.

I would love to get married in the fall. It's my favorite time of year. All the colors! I'm hoping to also incorporate the season into some of the wedding decor as well. Some fall colored bouquets and place settings with acorns.

We will definitely have an eco aspect to the event as well. Re-use is a huge passion of ours. And vintage being a passion of mine :)

So, just a couple of ideas. These huge life events and Pinterest has reminded me why we are so lucky to have the internet and sites like this. I am able to share ideas for my wedding and their weddings while being hundreds of miles away from these important ladies. It makes the distance seem not so far.


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