Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Challenge

Last night I had to finally make the realization that we aren't going to have the most eventful holiday. Money is tight and we are both working. A situation that I suspect a lot of families are experiencing this year.

It sounds incredibly cliche but it makes you think about what the true meaning of the holiday is to you. As an individual. As a partner. As a family member.

For those that don't have a religious connection, it's just a day. But there is still meaning to it. There are still childhood memories that connect you to this time of year. Anticipation. Warm feelings. Being with family. Enjoying each other.

For me, I see lights and food and endless movies. A feeling of warmth and togetherness.

I can't allow myself to be disappointed by what we can't share with each other and be grateful for what we can. This is my first Christmas with Christian under the same roof, in the same city, in the same state, and though we are both busy and exhausted (and he sorta kinda is a bit bah humbug) .. We have to make the most of it.

Because when things are better and life is easier, we will look back on this and see our humble beginnings and be grateful and proud.

Happy Holidays!

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