Monday, November 30, 2009

My life in iPhone photos .. Vol. 1

I got this idea from Elsie and her cell phone photo post.

These are all since I bought my iPhone in March? Some are the original, some are edited with apps ..

Bath time
This was the day I bought my phone, I also made a stop at Bath and Body Works and bought my favorite scent in bubble bath form. This became a bad habit, tweeting in the tub. I never dropped my phone *knock on wood* thankfully ..
Neumos - Capitol Hill Block Party - Seattle, WA - Edited using ColorSplash
My favorite
Me n' Ellen on 'Prom Night' .. Edited with CameraBag
My Dahlias bloomed again!
One of my favorites, my Dahlia that bloomed off me porch. It got even bigger after this! Love it ..
sleepy puppa
Frightened Rabbit @ Neumos
Frightened Rabbit - Neumos - Seattle, WA - This is also one of my favorites .. Edited with CameraBag and a little iPhoto. One of the best shows I have seen in my life ..
Poly Drive
Poly Drive - first photo after leaving the airport in Billings - First time home in over a year
The Birthday Girl is pooped
My niece, Madison, after her third birthday .. Passed out with fairy wings, glow stick necklace, and green rubber frogs boots still on
Smith Tower
The Smith Tower - Enough said ..
mossy stairs ..
Front porch @ V's
Back porch @ V's
Outside Seattle ..
I could seriously have an entire post about clouds .. lots and lots of clouds .. its an obsession
"Take it like this"
Hailey Sue, my goofy girl ..

Crafts with my girls
Ella and her new love for bykes ..
The Market
The Market

ok, that is only a select few .. feel free to check out more here. You can also click on the photos above to head on over to flickr ..

Thanx for looking!

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