Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Afternoon Survival Kit

Friday Afternoon Survival Kit

Sugar free redbull, smart water, burt's bees, purell, generic dayquil, sugar free cough drops, notebook and pen .. Oh and iPod of course flipping back and forth between tunes and NPR .. AKA work boredom :)

So I'm sick again .. second time in about a month. No time off this time, I have used up all of my PTO.

My friends are gone :( Just a few but the ones I am closest to and spend the most time with other than Ellen. I have been pestering her with texts today to see if she is free this weekend.

I do plan to keep myself busy with lots around the house, crafting, maybe some painting, and catching up on correspondence. Some blogging perhaps about bugs and bruises .. You'll see what I mean.

Here are two of the lovely faces I am missing:

Martha and Mikey ..


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