Friday, October 09, 2009

Sicky McSickerson ..

It sounds weird but I kind of look forward to being sick .. It gives me a legitimate excuse to not be at work and I get to hang out at home with my animals and "get things done" .. I always complain that there aren't enough hours in the day, but in truth I have plenty of time in the day I just am easily distracted and quickly lose motivation and energy to do the creative things I want to do.

But then when I am sick and at home and am like, "Right! Let's get shit done, yo!" I have a dizzy spell and remember that legitimate reason why I am not at work .. "OH yeah! I really am sick! Shit." And I have to sit down.

Like, right now, I know my good friend and neighbor, Mikey, is at home and I would love to have some one on one time with him and go get coffee. But I honestly don't think I would make it all the way to 15th.

It's a good thing, the day before I was really sick that I took HUGE advantage (finally) of my half day an did some serious cleaning in my house. Being sick in a clean house is much better then in a messy house.

So today I will attempt to:
1. Do the dishes.
2. Re-write my music list for all social-networking sites. (sorta lame but important)
3. Finish my Man Plus scrapbook page.
4. Attempt some laundry. (double attempt is required)
5. Post some recent photos.
6. Not think about stupid boys.
7. Finish knitting Conor's hat and start on either another hat or scarf.
8. Rip up some magazines.
9. Go through important papers.
10. Maybe blog again.
11. Try to crochet again. Online tutorials are difficult for me.
12. Call my Mother.
13. Remember how lucky I am. *gasp* I could use this as a scrapbook page theme!
14. "How lucky am I?" scrapbook page.
15. Play with the puppa.
16. Bake some banana bread, finally. My freezer is full of bananas.
17. Study some Gimp tutorials.
18. Read photography book.

I am starting to think maybe this should be a weekend list .. it's pretty long.

I had better get started. And I will leave you with some eye candy .. My new obsession, vintage 50s and 60s style dresses. These are from the etsy shop, My Favorite Vintage. Enjoy!

Straight outta Mad Men! I've always loved this style of fashion but never thought I could pull it off till I went to Montana Vintage when I was home a couple of weeks ago and one particular dress I tried on made me feel I was a secretary at Sterling Cooper. Here is the one I ended up buying. Not a great photo but the dress feels like it was made for me. It fits perfectly!



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