Friday, April 27, 2007

Whole Wide World

Things are going well, i suppose. i have been off of my medication now for two whole weeks. i can still feela slight weirdness in my head at times, its difficult to explain the sensation. But otherwise my moods have been good, anxiety has been low.

i am still working out most days, going to my kickboxing classes. I have been to four so far. Then i have on tonight and tomorrow morning.

I am still not seeing any visual results. The only differences are my energy level and my moods. Both have been really high. So that's good.

I will be leaving for Billings on different dates now. I am not sure if i mentioned that before. I found out the Manplus is planning a mini tour to Missoula and Billings the weekend after my original dates so i changed my ticket for the next week. I will be leaving the night of May 30th and coming home June 4th. Manplus is attempting to book a venue in Billings on June 2nd and are having a hell of time with it, so Jared as told me.

You would think that they would be excited to have new acts come to town. School Yard Heroes has a show booked in Billings, for crying outloud. Why not Manplus?! Not only are they a new act for Billings from Seattle but it is half consisted of Montana natives! Where's the love?!

ok, gotta work ..


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