Monday, April 09, 2007

i have to pee

So i FINALLY bought a new cell phone!! After almost three weeks. I can get FM radio on it, which in itself is pretty basic but i have never had it on a cell phone before.

My weekend was normal. Watched some movies from Netflix .. The Baxter is very cute. Justin Theroux is smokin' hot and Michelle Williams is adorable.

I got up to clean my house on Saturday. I had the energy but then lost the motivation. I hate that.

It was generally a lazy weekend. Talked to my mommy and my brother. I hate the situation that my mom is in. Especially when there is nothing i can do about it, nothing i can help her with. She is just stuck running the restaurant, working her ass off constantly. That place is going to kill her.

Anyway .. i guess i dont have anything to talk about.

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