Monday, November 01, 2010

My DIY Halloween 2010

I hadn't decided what to be until about two weeks before Halloween. My good friend, Ellen, was dressing up as Snow White and I asked her what I should be and the first thing out of her mouth without any hesitation was, Pippi Longstocking! And that was it.


All I had to buy were overalls from Goodwill ($7) and wires from the craft store jewelry department ($1.99). Everything else I already had on hand. I cut the overalls into shorts and stitched on some squares of fabric using embroidery floss. So easy and so fun! The hair was a bit of a challenge at first but I quickly figured it out.

Hand sewn patches ..
Pippi and Fred

This is me and Jared, one of my oldest friends. He is dressed as Fred Schneider of the B52's. His band, Noddy, played them as a cover band for Come As You Aren't Battle of the Bands at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle and won 2nd place! The show was amazing! So fun.


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