Monday, December 07, 2009

I wish I had more hair ..

I mean I wish it was thicker .. or that I had more .. well, it makes sense in my head ..

So ..

Good-bye beautiful Fall ..

fall ..

Autumn Martha ..

Hello harsh Winter ..

frosty ..
frozen tears .. I mean, dew ..

So it is freezing cold in Seattle .. No snow yet .. fingers crossed we don't get any for awhile .. Due to the fact I moved to a different part of town and am WAY farther from work, commuting will be a challenge in snow .. I need to map out a back way with not so many hills. It isn't as if I am not capable of driving in snow, I mean, I grew up in Montana. It is just that this city freaks out when it snows and they don't handle it well .. plus, you know , hills .. lots and lots of steep steep hills.

Had a good weekend .. Productive, very productive. Went to two holiday parties, the first was super fun .. Tracy made her apartment very festive complete with mulled wine and whiskey cider, I did not partake in either however. Took some classic photos though ..

Bro ..

I did A TON of cleaning and organizing, I even moved furniture to clean behind it. My bedroom closet is almost back in order, I was looking at it thinking, "Why are there so many empty hangers?" and then remembered I still have bags of clothes in Martha's car from our laundromat adventure a month ago. Ugh. So far I have a big box and two big garbage bags full for donation with a couple other things I put directly in the car. It feels good, very good, to have more room in my tiny house.

Oh! and I bought a new AWESOME purse at Atlas Clothing! I had to contemplate it beforehand but love it more everytime I look at it .. I will take some photos.

I am sneezy today .. allergies .. annoying ..

Tomorrow hopefully I will be taking a much needed walk around Green Lake with a good friend and maybe get some skate park shots ..

Here's hoping ..

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