Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend .. Yay!

It is almost here .. I have just over two hours of work then I get to browse the toy section for a gift for my niece, Lily's, FIRST birthday! Hopefully the weather will hold out long enough to enjoy some Manchester State Park time.

Meanwhile, here are some etsy faves I found today:

This is from the shop of sophistikate, found here

I love the vintage feel of it and the decoupage is adorable. I probably wouldn't use it as a purse, too bulky, maybe a jewelry case.

I heart this painting by Danna Ray (pronounced like banana). Her etsy store is here

I really enjoy her paintings, the flow and the shading. Very nice.

This is one of many great pieces from Red Boots Design, here:

I am really getting into screen printing and silkscreening. I look at stuff like this and am like, "Why didnt I make that?!"

Well, weekend here we come!


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