Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New surroundings ..

I have put off fixing up my bedroom for too long. I have been in my apartment for almost a year now and my bedroom has basically just been "make-shift", which will not stand.

So this weekend I bought a can of teal paint, my new favorite color. I am almost finished, just one little wall left. It looks amazing! I love it!

Ellen and I went to Ikea this weekend and I bought a wall mirror, that I have eyed for a couple of years, and a little shelf to put on the wall next to the bed. And I also picked out a bed frame ..

I see so many photos on of magical, yes magical, bedrooms and that is what I plan on turning mine into. Luckily, the bed has TONS of storage space underneath. Hopefully, this will make my closet less cluttered.

So my mission for this afternoon is to put the bed frame together and finish painting, there is some touch up needed as well.

I am SO EXCITED to show you when it's all finished. It makes me terribly happy.



LINDSAY said...

It's easy to ignore the bedroom I think, as it's the room guests may see the least. A little makeover sure goes a long way though. Plus redecorating is so fun!

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