Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New guilty pleasure ..

I KNOW! Totally not like me ..

But seriously .. I wanted to check out this show when I first heard about it just to see how bad it was but for teen shows on the family channel, it really isn't that bad ... No really!

The names are mostly the same, above is a photo of the sisters, Bianca and Kat. It takes place in California rather than "Seattle" and they had to change the story line a bit to make it fit for tv but all in all .. it's decent. The pilot was a bit to be desired but aren't they all? There are some interesting twists and the acting isn't bad. Of course it is a bit over the top but it has to be a bit cheese ball for the tweens and teens.

The young actor that plays Patrick Verona, originally played by Heath Ledger, sadly does not have an accent. I half expected him to. He doesn't say anything until about his fourth or fifth scene but when he does .. Whoa. His voice pulls you in.

I also like the actress that plays Kat Stratford, the oldest sister. I like the wardrobe they have for her, I dont know if I could pull it off, I am too colorful. Below is what she has hanging on the rear view mirror in her old, beat up Volvo .. Love it!

I still haven't plugged in my TV since I moved, so I have been watching it on Hulu ..


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