Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Great Move of 2009

.. has commenced .. 

One day in and I am kinda freakin' out .. Three years in one apartment and I have one week to pack. 

The animals are restless .. wandering around the apartment wondering what the hell is going on. I bought Willow three new balls at the dollar store and that has helped entertain her for about 20 minutes. She keeps placing them underneath her bed and then attempts to dig a hole through the bed in order to get the ball. 

I keep finding stray puzzle pieces. Makes me think of him. Which I shouldn't. He has moved on and that is what I am doing. Why I was so determined to move, for change. I need it desperately. 

So, I have plenty of 5 hour energy drinks, diet pepsi, ramens, and twizzlers to fuel me and get me through this move. 

Check up on me, k, in case I have a heart attack and am on the floor, foaming at the mouth. 


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