Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Evening

The dreaded Sunday. It's quite common. Sunday evening has a bad rap (i know you know what i meant by rap but is that the correct spelling in this context?). 

It's the end of the weekend, things are winding down and you have to start thinking about the even more dreaded Monday. Is the laundry done? The i have lunches and dinners planned for the week? 

For me, Monday is the busiest day at work. 

Anyhoo, we were talking about Sunday. 

When i was growing up, i despised Sunday evening. Having to think about going to school the next day, the beginning of the week. A whole five more days till the weekend. 

Anymore, i reflect on what i did over the weekend. If i didnt accomplish anything i am regretful and feel i wasted the weekend. Sunday gives me regrets. I feel like i dont have any other chance redeem the wasted time. Sunday is an ending of sorts. 

But what if it was a new beginning. Yes, i know Monday is the beginning but what if i looked at it more like a fresh start. I get to hit the reset button. Start all over. 

Sunday evening i can think of all my new beginnings for the week. 

I am not going to dread going to work. 
I am going to give myself something to look forward to. 
I will work out as much as possible. 
I will drink more water everyday. 
I will work on something crafty everyday, even if its only for ten minutes. 
I will call a friend this week. 
I will call my mother. 
I will write a letter to my brother. 
I will try harder to take the dog for a walk. 
I won't lose my temper. 
I will get back into cooking (i have been really lazy).
I will clean the house for at least ten minutes everyday. 
I am going to study more. 
Then next weekend, I am not going to drink so much to cause myself to have regrets about my weekend. 


That's a good start. 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam ... i found your blog through Flickr when i was looking at your photos of Joelle. we have never met, but Joelle had mentioned how great friends you were. anyway, i've lost touch with her. i wonder if you can mention to her sometime and see if she recognizes it? this may be more mysterious than need be, but i'm just going to keep it as short as i can.

i like your thoughtful entry btw. i've never quite reflected back in such a way ... could probably make some big changes just by nudging the big wheel of time a little bit a week ...