Monday, March 26, 2007


I have attempted many times to create a seperate blog outside of myspace. I figure now would be a good time to finally commit to it considering i have limited access to myspace, this way i have an avenue to write and vent and hopefully keep people posted. Those that want to be kept posted.

So here we are .. its monday .. i am tired. Working on a special project at work. Fun fun.

I am planning a trip to Vegas for Richard and I. It is for a Star Trek Convention in August. I am excited and its also giving me motivation to get in shape for it. My goal is to be able to comfortably wear a bathing suit by then. Only 139 days to go.

On this diet, i have cut out coffee and am only drinking green tea. I have been eating mostly vegitarian since January already but am really dedicated to not cheating anymore. I plan to stop eating sweets. I did finish a some ice cream off yesterday. And i have been regularly going to the gym in my office building.

Ok, break is over.

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